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All Students are free on November 13 - 14 to celebrate Ashoora.

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Sanabil Private School is an Educational institute established in 1996, offering an American curriculum. SPS is located at Al Nikheel Highway in the Kingdom of Bahrain amidst a beautiful safe garden setting of luscious greenery. It serves both the Bahrain and the growing international community.

Our vision is to develop citizens of integrity who will become lifelong learners by building genuine, positive, respectful, and professional relationships among staff, students, and parents, and by providing unlimited opportunities for academic achievement within a safe and secure environment.

Our mission is to create a nurturing learning environment where students, faculty, and community work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility. Guided by our core values-respect, responsibility, and relationships, and the promotion of lifelong learning, Sanabil Private School community's mission is to honour the giftedness in each child and to support all learners. Within a safe and flexible learning environment, our mission culminates in guiding children toward becoming meaningful contributors to our dynamic modern society.

Offering an American curriculum, Sanabil Private School was founded in 1996. SPS is located in Al Nikheel Highway in Budaiya amidst a beautiful safe garden setting of luscious greenery. It serves both the Bahrain community and a growing international community. The school year comprises of 3 terms. Presently, SPS is preparing Itself for a visit by the Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation team in order to obtain American accreditation status. The entire educational program has been transformed to be in conformity with trends in the USA. Admission is open to all qualified applicants who have passed a comprehensive English Language and Mathematics test. SPS has a beautiful Nursery and a comprehensive KG1 and KG2 program, along with Grade 1 to Grade 12 classes. The total, well disciplined student body in SPS has now topped 200.